AMD RX580 & 570 Strike Back

rx580 &570 review

A long time ago in a fabrication plant. FAR FAR Away well actually it wasn't that far away and it was in June of 2016 that AMD Drop(x3) the RX 480. Codename Polaris in a wild marketing campaign evoking revolution and for a good reason the 400 series performed really well for the price. Although the flagship 480 was quickly overshadowed by Nvidia's 1060. Haha the dangers of shooting first. But after 10 months of reloading AMD is finally ready to fire again with the only question being, what's in the Chamber Firepower or FIRE POOR! Come on. It's okay. maybe it's not funny but it's silly so let's get this out of the way this is still Polaris the same architecture AMD use for their RX 400 series if you were waiting for AMD's highly anticipated Vega GPUs then you'll be disappointed. 

BUT if you were waiting for Polaris enhanced with a more mature 14 nanometer FinFET process and tighter voltage and frequency regulation translating into better power efficiency and higher clock speeds then you and all the other holdouts with R9 285 or R9 380s should be amped as hell Right about now. Well hold on a second here, Linus. Is this just a shinier 480 Why is this even worth a video and where is VEGA?!? Great question. RX 570 and 580 then presumably due to slumping RX 480 4GB sales AMD' these partners will be putting more emphasis on the top tier 8GB version this time around though that won't have much of an impact on you the consumer and pricing looks to be well basically the same with RX 570 coming in ten dollars cheaper on average than the 480 edit replaces in other news AMD's slide deck also had prominent mentions of both the RX 550 AND RX 560. the former but of which is brand new silicon. 

rx580 &570 review

But we don't have those yet so all we can say for now is that apparently the RX 550 is better than an integrated GPU at 80$ And I would sure as hell hope so and the 560 is a 460 but with a ten dollar price drop and since enthusiasts were running around unlocking extra compute units with bios tricks AMD went ahead and enabled those right out of the factory and I guess there's some software news as well as of the RX 500 series launch AMD's radeon driver for every card from 7000 series onward includes what they're calling Radeon chill a configurable frame limiter that improves thermals and power draw when enabled you can specify a minimum and maximum frame rate and radeon chill will keep your game running within that window eSports titles for instance are designed to be easy to run and for that reason they're notorious for ultra high frame rates that go way beyond what a typical or even very high-end monitor would be able to display so what this translates to for users is lower noise and more consistent performance without adding any input lag and in some cases they claim even improving it pretty cool right. 

Yeah call me when it's in a notebook you guys also a bigger supported games list would be swell so to AMD's credit the big eSports titles are mostly covered here alright Ben Linus enough stalling tell us how they are X 580 and 570 perform you guys are so demanding sometimes you know okay so we tested our shiny new cards on both our Intel test bench and our Ryzen AMD test bench along with equivalent last gen cards from both AMD and NVIDIA now since AMD doesn't have reference boards for the 500 series they actually sent us factory overclocked cards to test so shout-out to asus nvidia who provided us with some factory overclocked cards for the greenside to level the playing field somewhat before you ask by the way we did try overclocking these cards further but neither of them achieved a core overclock of more than 50 megahertz over what they already shipped with so then as we can see in our performance testing obvious things are indeed obvious in fact we've got a measurable if not earth shattering performance bump over the RX 400 series DirectX12 and Vulkan both show us a wider improvement than DirectX11 thanks to those APIs more efficient rendering pipelines that favor AMD's GCN architecture although again the difference isn't that massive and also of note here is the utterly uninteresting differences in performance between the cards across Intel and AMD CPU platform so. 

Sorry conspiracy theorists but the rumors of NVIDIA's drivers crippling rise and performance seem to have been greatly exaggerated. So the TL:DR then is that in a big surprise to no one we're looking at a higher clocked our RX 480 and 470 for this release AMD chose to iterate on their existing polaris architecture cards in order to address some of their short comings against Nvidia's mid-range and budget line up. Have they achieved that? Well as far as performance is concerned yes yes they have when it comes to power consumption the story does fall apart a little bit particularly with these factory overclocked cards though it should be noted that we didn't use Radeon chill for our testing because it makes apples-to-apples comparisons go sour so then if you're an AMD fan desperately waiting to upgrade your high-end Hawaii or Fiji based GPU then you get to keep waiting but if you're more of a mid-range buyer who didn't know enough lawns last summer for a 470 or a 480 then great news because you get a little bit more for your money this year so rock on you sexy gardening beast you. 

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